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Group Forms In Opposition To Measure V

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Sonora, CA — A group of concerned residents, including agricultural leaders, is rising up against the Measure V fire parcel tax in Tuolumne County.

One of those spearheading the effort is longtime firefighter Dick Gaiser, whose family has multigenerational ties to the cattle industry. He tells Clarke Broadcasting that the first meeting for the concerned citizens against Measure V was held last week. There were leaders on hand from the local Farm Bureau, Cattlemen’s Association, and other agriculture and business groups.

If approved, Measure V would place a $150 parcel tax on improved properties and $75 on unimproved properties.

Asked about why he is opposed, Gaiser says, “There are a couple of main reasons. For one, no one other than fire (officials) appears to have been involved in putting this together. No one else sat at the table, and no one else was offered to sit at the table.”

He adds, “The other thing I have a problem with is that it is grossly unfair. It puts the burden of paying for this on the back of the little guy. The guy that has a house on a little lot is going to pay the same thing as a guy who has a large commercial property or who has all kinds of apartments. “

For Measure V to pass it would take a 2/3 supermajority vote. Those in opposition are planning to send out flyers and put-up signs ahead of the June 8 special mail election.

Gaiser says if Measure V fails next month, he and others are willing down with county officials to map out what they feel could be a more equitable and fair solution to better fund fire services.

The details of Measure V were the focus of a recent Mother Lode Views show. You can find it archived by clicking here. Officials spoke about the history of the measure, how the election will work, and the state of local fire funding. At the time of the recording there had not been an opposition group formed against it.