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Special Election For San Andreas Fire Protection District

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Calaveras County, CA — San Andreas voters will be voting for a second time on a tax that would continue volunteer staffing at San Andreas Fire Protection District. Measure A is exactly what it was called the first time when it was on the ballot in August 2020. But now this new Measure A has made some changes that make it a lower cost for property owners and if certain residents meet a low-income threshold they will be exempt. Dana Nicholos, chairman of the committee supporting Measure A and member of the San Andreas Fire Protection District Board of Director explains.

“I remember talking to one voter, a widow, who said she loves the firefighters and is grateful they come to help when called, but that she was already not able to pay her bills on a meager fixed income. So we did two things. First, we reduced the proposed tax. Second, we granted an exemption for property owners age 62 and older who are also low income.”

The measure will be using the federal definition of “low income” currently at $45,050 or less a year for a single Calaveras County resident or 51,450 for couples. You can find more information from supporters of the measure by clicking here