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Newsom Responds To $6.5-billion School Reopening Plan

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Sacramento, CA — Leaders of the California Senate and Assembly announced yesterday that a deal was struck on a $6.5-billion plan to encourage more schools to open for in-person learning.

Many of the urban areas of the state are still doing distance learning only, while many of the rural districts, like those in the Mother Lode, are back on campus full-time or in a hybrid mode. Around $2-billion would be utilized to assist schools in safely reopening campus and around $4.5-billion for “learning recovery programs.”  The legislation, Assembly Bill 86 and Senate Bill 86, would also require vaccinations to be offered to school staff coming back. It would not require schools to bring students back to campus but would give more money to those that choose to do so. The deadline for schools to reopen, and be eligible for the extra money, is April 15.

Governor Gavin Newsom’s signature is required for the proposal to become law. He has released a statement indicating more details still need to be hashed out.

Newsom says, “While the Legislature’s proposal represents a step in the right direction, it doesn’t go far enough or fast enough. I look forward to building on the growing momentum to get our schools open and continuing discussions with the Legislature to get our kids back in school as safely and quickly as possible.”