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California Health Officer Monitoring School Data During COVID-19

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Sacramento, CA — 32 counties, including those in the Mother Lode, are allowed to have in-person learning at schools. Locally, some have been operating now for multiple weeks, in either a hybrid, or full-time, learning model.

Dr. Mark Ghaly, the state’s public health officer, was asked about if there has been a link to new transmissions of COVID-19 since schools have reopened.

He responds, “We are asking that question constantly, and looking at the information to see if there is a connection. So far, we have not found one. I would just remind people that it does sometimes take time for us to see the trends.”

He adds “It’s encouraging to see the tremendous effort and planning that communities, and their schools, and their staff, have done to make sure it is lower risk for the students and staff alike.”

Most of the schools still not allowed to resume in-person learning are around the greater Los Angeles region, the Central Valley and parts of the San Francisco Bay Area. They are in the “purple” tier.

Extracurricular activities, and things like sports, are still postponed, statewide.