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Did Deceased Man Start Bigfoot Frenzy?

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Some people take their secrets to the grave, but not Ray Wallace. His family has revealed after his death November 26th that it was he and his brother who started the Bigfoot frenzy in 1958, wearing 16-inch carved feet to create huge tracks.

His family says Wallace asked a friend to carve the feet. He and his brother then created the tracks on the ground at his California construction company. That led The Humboldt Times to coin the term “Bigfoot” on its front page.

Mark Chorvinsky, editor of Strange magazine, says the family’s admission raises serious doubts about the grainy 1967 film of an erect apelike creature striding away from the camera.

Others are unfazed. Idaho State University Professor Jeff Meldrum says accounts of something like Bigfoot go back to the 19th century.