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Mexico Making Apple Imports Costlier

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California´s apple farmers are facing a tougher marketplace this harvest with Mexico imposing tariffs of more than 45 percent on red delicious and golden delicious apples.

Farmers in Mexico are accusing the U.S. of selling apples at unfairly low prices.

California Farm Bureau spokesman Ron Gaskill says he thinks this is the start of more Mexican tariffs on other U.S. agricultural products.

“This is the beginning of what Mexico has openly stated is a more broad-based attempt to assure that U.S. farm products going into Mexico aren´t harming Mexican products,” Gaskill said.

Gaskill says the tariffs are safeguards, and under NAFTA, the Mexican government has every right to do so.

Other varieties of apples are not subject to the duty.

Local Mother Lode apple producers, such as Cover´s Apple Ranch near Tuolumne City, use most of their fall apple crops in products sold on site, such as baked goods, retail apples or cider.