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Home Depot Files Application For Sonora Site

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The home improvement giant Home Depot is once again showing interest in putting a store in the Sonora area.

Tuolumne County Senior Planner Mary De Beauvieres says Home deport officials have filed a formal application to begin the process of locating a store in the unincorporated area of Sonora, along Mono Way between Hammond Ford and the Peppery restaurant.

De Beauvieres says the site development permit application was filed last Thursday and the county has sent out letters to area property owners and advisor agencies of the home improvement chain´s intentions. Responses are due back by mid-August. At that time, De Beauvieres says the county should have a better idea where to go with the project.

She says no formal construction start date has been set, since the process is just getting underway and still has many studies, public hearings and project approvals yet to compete.

The project will eventually go before the County Planning Commission for public hearing before going to the county board of supervisors for final approval. That, she says, will be some time down the road.

The county planner says this is the first time Home Depot has tried to get formal approval for a store within the unincorporated area of Tuolumne County, though they have been looking.

The previous attempt was for a site within the Sonora City limits near South Washington Street and Highway 108, in what was to be called the Sawmill Shopping Center. Home Depot pulled its application.