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Anonymous Gift From California Traveller

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A California man passing through Eugene, Oregon decided to donate two-thousand dollars to Creswell High School´s athletics program. The man handed the money to a teen-ager at an AM/PM store, and said God would look after the donation. A surprised Shaun Foreman, who is 17 years old, took the money and delivered it to Creswell High. The man, who didn´t want to be identified in the media, had planned to buy a new trailer with the money. But after reading a story in the Register-Guard newspaper about the athletic program´s financial troubles, he decided to donate the money to the school instead. He says he chose to hand it over in the AM/PM because he couldn´t find the school. The man says he walked into the AM/PM and asked if any Creswell students were in the store. He then handed the money to Foreman.