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Cat Burglar Has Sticky Paws

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The city of Woodland has a new kind of cat burglar. A normal feline by day, Lucy the cat goes prowling at night – and returns with stolen shoes.

Her owner, Ron Liles, says that about two years ago, he found pairs of shoes at his front door. One time, Lucy brought back a “size 12” boot. But that´s not all she steals. A while back, Lucy hid Liles´ brother´s wedding ring after he set it on a dresser.

But lately, the sticky-pawed feline has been covering more territory than before. Liles says when Lucy first began stealing shoes, it was from just two doors down. Now she is branching out to as far as five doors down.

After so many years of finding the ill-gotten shoes, Liles has learned to leave them on top of his mailbox.

This way, Liles says, neighbors know just who is taking their slippers at night.