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Jenny Lind-Milton Fire Protection Flap Continues

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Officials from the town of Milton in Calaveras County are expressing concerns over fire protection fees that will be charged to local residents by the Jenny Lind Fire District. The County Board of Supervisors approved the fees to ensure that Milton will have fire and emergency services.

The fees range from 75 dollars to respond to a non injury vehicle accident to 200 dollars per hour to extinguish a structure fire. Until last year, county fire protection services covered much of the costs but the county decided to eliminate fire protection, leaving Milton and other non annexed communities to pay for the services themselves. Representatives of the Milton Association of Concerned Citizens have complained that the fees were too high.

Twice in recent years the county attempted to annex Milton into the Jenny Lind´s fire district only to get voted down by the town´s residents. If Milton were annexed, residents would pay a 52 dollar annual assessment for protection to go with their property taxes.