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Jones Mill Fire Mopup And Investigation Underway

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Tuolumne County Firefighters are bringing in a bulldozer and more equipment to finish putting out a stubborn blaze at the old Jones Saw Mill site.

The complex was destroyed in a fire that started just after 4:30 yesterday afternoon. Crews will have to lift heavy timbers and steel beams to get at the last of the fire, before a thorough investigation can begin. Tuolumne County fire Marshall Kary Hubbard says arson has not been ruled out.

Crews managed to keep the blaze from spreading beyond the vintage buildings, and put out about a dozen spot fires in nearby grass. Crews have been on the scene through the night keeping the fire from re-kindling.

If you saw anything suspicious in the area of the old mill on Soulsbyville Road around 4 pm or so, you´re asked to call Tuolumne County fire investigators.