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Richmond Rallies For Railroad Wigwags

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Richmond city council members voted to put the city´s waving, clanging, railroad crossing signals on the city historic register.

The historic designation means the Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railway company will have to go through the council if it wants to replace the signals known as wigwags.

The city is divided about whether wigwags should go or stay.

There are only two dozen wigwags left in the United States and nearly 8,500 crossings. One of these type signals is located along the old Santa Fe tracks in Oakdale.

Some say the wigwag signals are not as safe since they don´t have automatic arms that come down to block traffic when a train is coming.

Train operators often have to blare the horns longer and neighbors say that is keeping them awake at night.

Official also say maintaining the parts in the wigwags is also a more difficult task.