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One Big Lotto Winner

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One ticket sold in Santa Cruz won the California Lottery´s “SuperLotto Plus´´ game Saturday night by matching all six numbers drawn for a $31 million jackpot.

The numbers drawn were: 17-24-34-38-43; Meganumber 21.

Here are results for the game´s remaining eight ways to win, giving winning number combination, number of tickets sold with that combination, and prize amount per ticket:

__ All five numbers but without the Meganumber, 10 tickets, $19,931 each.

__ Four numbers and the Meganumber, 67 tickets, $1,487 each.

__ Four numbers without the Meganumber, 1,633 tickets, $101 each.

__ Three numbers and the Meganumber, 2,370 tickets, $63 each.

__ Three numbers without the Meganumber, 66,159 tickets, $11 each.

__ Two numbers and the Meganumber, 32,389 tickets, $12 each.

__ One number and the Meganumber, 163,557 tickets, $2 each.

__ Meganumber only, 262,310 tickets, $1 each.


The winning Xtra Reward number was: 12020703.

Xtra Reward set prize per game: $75,000.