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A-T-V Ads Not Treading Lightly!

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A conservation group says all-terrain vehicle manufacturers are often violating their own “Tread Lightly!” advertising guidelines.

A-T-V ads frequently show the four-wheel drive vehicles plowing through streams, coated with mud, or breaking new trails; activities discouraged by the guidelines because they may lead to erosion or waterway degradation.

The Izaak Walton League says other ads improperly tout ATVs for “off-road” or “wilderness” use.

Tread Lightly! Inc. says it will soon issue a new version of its guidelines in response to an explosion in the use of ATVs and sport utility vehicles (S-U-Vs).

Tread Lightly! was formed as a nonprofit organization in 1990 by A-T-V manufacturers who recognized their vehicles were causing problems.