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Lindbergh To Cross The Atlantic

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The grandson of aviator Charles Lindbergh plans to repeat his grandfather´s historic solo flight across the Atlantic -this time in a state-of-the-art Lancair plane made in Bend, Oregon.

Erik Lindbergh made the announcement standing in front of a replica of the original aircraft used in the crossing, the Spirit of St. Louis, at the San Diego Aerospace Museum.

The Spirit of St. Louis had an average cruise speed of 108 miles per hour during the 1927 crossing.

Built in San Diego, it cost $10,580 at the time.

The modern Lindbergh, a commercial pilot and artist who lives in the Seattle area, will fly a Lancair Columbia 300 with an average cruising speed of 184 miles per hour.

The glass and carbon composite plane costs 289-thousand dollars.

But unlike the Spirit of St. Louis, it carries modern navigation and safety equipment to make the trip safer.