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Proposed Moves Cause Flap On Fisherman’s Wharf

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Tourism and industry are clashing at Fisherman´s Wharf in San Francisco because of a plan to move fish processors near the shops and restaurants that draw millions of tourists each year.

To processors, it´s a conflict between the waterfront´s gritty past and tidied-up future.

Tim Ports, owner of Fresh Fish Company at Pier 28, says the Port of San Francisco has to decide if it wants to be a real wharf with a fishing industry or if “they want to be Disneyland.´´

Many wholesalers, processors and distributors say the move will hit them with huge relocation bills and force delivery trucks to navigate blocks and blocks of tourist traffic. Port officials say the move from dilapidated Piers 28 and 33 to the renovated Pier 45 will benefit the businesses. They say the other piers do not meet health standards, and the port is investing millions to provide more modern facilities.

The port has also promised below-market rents along with six months free to defray costs of the relocation, which is expected to take two years.