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Peterson Family Members Testify

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Jurors in the preliminary trial of Scott Peterson heard from members of both families Friday. And Laci Peterson´s sister testimony threw Scott Peterson´s Chirstmas Eve alibi into question.

Amy Rocha testified that Scott told her he had golf plans on Christmas Eve. Peterson had told police he had gone fishing. Peterson also told his sister-in-law that he would pick up a gift basket for her near the country club where he planned to go golfing. She testified he never picked up the basket.

Scott Peterson´s father also took the stand and said he spoke to his son on Christmas Eve and said Scott never mentioned going fishing. Peterson´s father said he was not even aware his son owned a boat.

Today was the third day in a hearing to determine whether Peterson will stand trial for the murder of his wife Laci and their unborn son.

Prosecutors may argue that Peterson used the boat to throw his pregnant wife´s body in San Francisco Bay.