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Coyote Sam Tries To Stop Round-Up

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Coyote Sam´s dastardly gang has done it again.

They came, riding brazenly down the middle of South Washington Thursday afternoon, shooting and cussin´. They tried to do the shoot-out at high noon, but those bad guys, well showed up an hour late.

Innocent Sonora town folk ran for cover into the safety of downtown businesses when the shootin´ started. But the brave Tuolumne County Sheriff Posse members pushed away plates of Mexican food and cool beverages at a local restaurant and confronted the bad guys with return gun fire.

But in all the confusion, smoke, screaming children and horseplay, the gang surrounded Sheriff Dick Rodgers. As “Sidewinder Steve” held the lawman at gunpoint from atop his horse, “Muley Don,” “Bad Seed Bob,” “Outlaw Audrey” and “Bobcat Bob” tied up the sheriff and stole the very contract to this year´s Round-Up Rodeo!

And if that wasn´t enough, they left the proud Sheriff with only his long johns showing, right in front of the gasping townsfolk, giggling children and blushing women. “If we don´t get that contract back, we can´t put on the rodeo,” cried Ty Wivell.

Round-Up Chairman Al O´Brien said after all the shootin´ was over, the Posse is going to need the public´s help to get the important contract back.

“We have to make sure everybody helps us find the contract for the fairgrounds,” a shaken O´Brien pleaded.

O´Brien said with enough cheap booze, one of Coyote Sam´s gang will get loose lips and start spill his guts and give hints to where the gang has hidden the contract.

Clues usually start showing up in the Union Democrat as the Round-Up nears.