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Tuolumne County Looking at “Traffic Calming” Measures

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Tuolumne County officials are going to work on a plan to slow traffic down in areas that are known for speeding. For example, residents in the Phoenix Lake Country Club area have complained that speeding is a big problem. Supervisor Paolo Maffei, who represents that area, has proposed what he´s calling a “traffic calming” ordinance.

The plan could include the use of speed bumps, traffic islands, or narrowing of roads.

County Community Development Director, Bev Shane, cautioned lawmakers to consider the impacts that such measures could have on emergency vehicles. There are few roads in the county that are fairly straight and flat, and Shane says those stretches allow ambulances and fire trucks to make up for lost time.

The Board of Supervisors decided Tuesday to as Public Works Director Peter Rei to look at what other counties do to “calm” traffic. He´ll report his findings to the board at a later date.