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Updated COVID-19 Employer Screening Checklist

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Sonora, CA — Tuolumne County Public Health has released an update “COVID-19 Screening Checklist for Employers” with a couple of changes.

The new form is to be filled out before an employee enters the workplace. There are two changes to the form. The first is an extension to the second question that reads, “Do you have any of the following symptoms?” Added to the end is “which are new or unusual for you?”

The second is in question 3A, which deals with whether an employee has a fever. Added to the end of the question is “or feeling feverish/having chills?”

Also attached to the release were guidelines for business supervisors regarding asymptomatic employees who have been exposed to coronavirus and a modified quarantine is approved. Health officials relay mask-wearing is always required in the workplace and regular monitoring from a supervisor are among some of the practices that can be found by clicking here to view the new employer checklist.