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Prosecution May Have Stumbled Again

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The prosecution may have stumbled again as it returned to its strategy of portraying Scott Peterson as a cheating husband.

During yesterday´s questioning of Modesto police Detective Richard House, prosecutors implied that Peterson planned to throw away a wedding photo album found in a wastebasket in his storage unit after his wife disappeared.

But under cross-examination, the detective also said that he thought Peterson was simply storing the album and did not plan to dispose of it.

Legal experts say the apparent discrepancy might be a setback for prosecutors because jurors might perceive the implication as deceitful. Also during yesterday´s testimony, House told the court about a private mailbox Peterson rented out a day before he reported his wife missing. One of the letters Peterson received in his new mailbox was a letter from his mistress, Amber Frey.

Detective House is expected to be back on the stand when court resumes this morning.

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