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Charges Filed In Illegal Sports Drug Distribution Operation

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The personal trainer of baseball slugger Barry Bonds, a track coach and top executives of a San Francisco-area nutritional supplements lab were charged Thursday with running an illegal drug distribution operation.

A 42-count federal indictment names as defendants Victor Conte Junior, the president and chief executive officer of the Bay Area Lab Cooperative, or BALCO. Also indicted is the company´s vice president, James Valente.

Also indicted were Bonds´ personal trainer, Greg Anderson, and Remi Korchemny, a track coach.

The federal indictment returned by a grand jury in San Francisco and obtained by The Associated Press alleges the scheme provided anabolic steroids, human growth hormone, erythropoietin and other drugs to Major League Baseball and National Football League players, as well as elite track and field stars.

None of the athletes were charged and none were named in the court documents.