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Stop Drunk Drivers With CHP Hotline

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Sonora, CA — The California Highway Patrol in conjunction with the California Department of Transportation is asking for the public´s help in spotting drunk drivers.

Officers have placed signs at rest stops throughout the state that ask drivers to call a toll free number to report suspected drunk drivers.

The CHP plans on following up on all calls to the number with a letter to the owner of the vehicle, warning them that their vehicle was being driven by someone suspected of being under the influence. Officers say the goal of the campaign is to divert calls from the 911 system.

The CHP says spotting a drunk driver is relatively easy and it says to look for drivers straddling lanes or weaving across the road, people with a slow response to traffic signals, erratic breaking or stopping without cause, driving with headlights off at night, and tailgating. The number to call is 1-800-TELL-CHP (800-835-5247).

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