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Curtis Creek Water Customers Receive Precautionary Boil Orders

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Sonora, CA — Residents on the Curtis Creek water system are receiving warning notices from the Tuolumne County Department of Environmental Health to boil tapwater before use.

Brenda Faw with the D.E.H. says the system is chlorinated to prevent bacterial contamination and the notices are a precautionary measure following a routine inspection.

She says the warnings are aimed at those who may be at risk of compromised health, such as the elderly, children or those with weakened immune systems .

Faw says it isn´t known how many people might be visiting the area for the Christmas holiday and the boil order notices are to add an extra level of insurance that the water is safe.

Faw says her department is working with the Department of Health Services to determine the best course of remediation. She says anyone on the system with questions can contact her office.

Faw says there have been no reports of anyone becoming ill from the water, and that if the boil orders are followed, there will be no risk to public health.

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