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Voters Turned Off To Gov’s Message And His Ballot Measures

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Sacramento, CA — A new poll is showing that voters are inclined to oppose all four measures in next week´s special election.

The Field Poll conducted two separate surveys in October, one ending on October 24th and the second on October 30th. Proposition 74, which would lengthen the probationary term of new school teachers, was supported by 44 percent of likely voters in the first survey, with 47 percent opposed.

In the second poll, support remained the same while opposition had grown to 50 percent. The same was true for Proposition 75, which would restrict the use of union dues for political purposes.

In the first poll, 44 percent of voters supported the measure and 45 percent were opposed. A week later support had fallen to 40 percent, with 50 percent opposed.

Opposition also increased against Proposition 77, which would strip the Legislature of its authority for drawing Congressional and legislative districts, and also increased against Proposition 76.

Prop 76 would impose a cap on state spending. The Field Poll also found that most voters were also opposed to Proposition 80, which would re-regulate energy producers.