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AAA Gives Motorists Hot Weather Driving Advice

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San Francisco, CA — AAA is warning motorists about heat related dangers as temperatures continue to remain in the triple digits.

A AAA spokeswoman says that temperatures inside of a car with closed windows and direct sunlight can rise to as high as 190 degrees. She says the excessive heat can cause damage to cars and make breakdowns more likely.

AAA recommends using a reflective sun shade which can reduce the temperature inside the car by an average of 43 degrees. The shade can also prevent heat damage to the car´s interior, such as fading, cracking and discoloration.

AAA also advises drivers check their car´s tires, belts and hoses , antifreeze-coolant , and motor oil.

The organization also says an emergency kit and plenty of water for all passengers should be carried in the vehicle in case of a breakdown.