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Business Resumes At California State Capitol

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Sacramento, CA — Needing to a approve a new budget, and review several proposed bills, some California lawmakers are returning to the state capitol today.

The coronavirus pandemic caused the first extended unplanned work stoppage for the legislature in 158 years. Assembly speaker Anthony Rendon is calling fellow Assembly members back today to restart the session. However, Senate President Pro Tem Toni Atkins has decided to wait until May 11 to reconvene the other legislative branch.

In both houses, lawmakers will be limited to having just one person with them, and nurses will be on hand to check temperatures at the door.

Assemblyman Rendon says some members have decided to stay at home out of fears of contracting or spreading the virus, and he encourages anyone uncomfortable to continue to home isolate. Both the Senate and Assembly are looking into the possibility of allowing members to vote remotely, however, they are concerns that those votes could be challenged in court.

Before the coronavirus pandemic, there was a proposal being debated to borrow up to $4-billion to protect against fires, flooding and climate impacts. However, the discussion is expected to shift now towards jump starting the economy. Other issues of high priority are battling homelessness and increasing affordable housing.