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McClintock: Quarantine And A Free Society

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Washington, DC — Congressman Tom McClintock has authored a new blog about his concerns regarding the COVID-19 restrictions.

He entitles it “Quarantine and a Free Society.”

McClintock writes, “When a risk presents itself, people naturally change their behavior.  If they believe the risk of leaving their houses is too great, they are free to stay at home.  If they believe venturing beyond their front doors is a manageable risk, they are free to venture into the world, taking those precautions that to them seem most prudent.”

He adds, “In an epidemic, their assessments of risk might convince them to avoid crowded theaters or restaurants, wash their hands more frequently, avoid handshakes, wear masks or become hermits.  These acts don’t require force and don’t make demands on others.  They are a matter of individual judgment and choice.”

You can find McClintock’s blog by clicking here.