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Painted Frog Unveiled at Greenhorn Creek

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The first of many painted frogs was unveiled last night at Greenhorn Creek Resort.

The frogs will be auctioned off this October, and artist Paul Mundy says the inspiration for his frog, named Lilly, was the recent passing of his sister.

“She passed away from lupus in June, and I´ve been finding a way to raise funds for the Lupus Society and this frog literally jumped in my lap. It´s a great opportunity from Greenhorn Creek and the Calaveras County Chamber of Commerce,” said Mundy.

Mundy described the techniques and colors he used in painting the big ceramic frog: “I used a lot of just natural colors… A lot of greens and blues, some browns, and a lot of it was done with an air paint sprayer and then a lot of detail painting with a paint brush.”

The frog is named Lilly and Mundy says the project took him quite a while.

“I have a full time job which keeps me pretty busy, so it was on my spare time. It took a while. It´s been in my garage, and now my car can go back in,” Mundy laughed.

Reaction was positive: “Everybody likes it. They say it´s really simplistic, very artistic, and people are really enjoying looking at it.”

The painted frogs will continue to be unveiled throughout the year. They´ll be auctioned off this October at a location to be announced.