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Are there any preparations for baby that new parents commonly overlook?

The number one preparation new parents overlook is making sure their car seat is installed correctly and that they know how to use it. California Highway Patrol, as well the Tuolumne County Health Department, can check to make sure you have the car seat installed correctly and show you how to safely strap in your baby. The CHP has reported that as many as 95% of car seats in Tuolumne County are installed incorrectly, so make sure to have a certified inspector show you the proper way to install and use car seats. Many parents are delayed at discharge when they haven’t planned ahead. Some parents show up with the car seat still in its box and then spend an hour or two trying to figure it out before they can take their new baby home. Because there are so many car seats available, hospital staff are not authorized to help with car seat installation; only the certified inspectors at the CHP and Health Department can help.

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