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What is a healthy diet?

A healthy diet is centered on whole, unprocessed foods. I encourage people to cook for themselves, cutting at least 30 minutes of television out of each day to spend time making healthy meals that don’t involve canned or boxed foods. There is a lot of confusion in the supermarket. The produce section is easy. However, processed packaged foods with their claims of “low-fat,” “heart-healthy,” or “low-carb” can be misleading. A lot of this confusing information has trickled down from fad diets. One year it’s low-fat; the next it’s low-carb. For instance, last year the Paleo Diet was the number one diet in America. This year it has fallen to number 30. Fad diets can make it difficult for people to figure out what’s really best for them. By focusing on fresh fruits and vegetables and other unprocessed foods, we can improve our health and reduce the confusion created by the health claims on packaged foods.

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