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Only people who are overweight have diabetes, right?

No. Not all people with diabetes are overweight and not everyone who is overweight will have diabetes. However, being overweight is a primary risk factor for type 2 diabetes. Other risk factors for type 2 diabetes include:
• Age greater than 45 years
• Diabetes during previous pregnancy
• Excess body weight (especially around the waist)
• Family history of diabetes
• Given birth to a baby weighing more than nine pounds
• HDL cholesterol under 35 mg/dL
• High blood levels of triglycerides, a type of fat molecule (250 mg/dL or more)
• High blood pressure (greater than or equal to 140/90 mmHg)
• Impaired glucose tolerance
• Low activity level (exercising less than three times a week
• Metabolic syndrome
• Polycystic ovarian syndrome
• Ancanthosis nigricans, a conditions which causes dark, thickened skin around the neck or armpits

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