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I’ve had a wound for almost a year. Why won’t it heal?

There are many reasons why wounds won’t heal. One of the primary reasons is inadequate blood supply. Swelling in the tissue can also prevent healing. Infection is another problem for non-healing wounds. For patients with neuropathy – loss of sensation – repeated trauma or pressure will prevent wounds from healing. Without the sensation of pain, patients won’t realize a wound is developing or growing worse. Some medications can impair healing. Corticosteroids, certain chemotherapy agents, and even some anti-inflammatory drugs can slow wound healing. Wounds caused by prior radiation therapy may need special treatment to heal. There are also some inherited conditions that lead to non-healing wounds but these are quite uncommon. And simply as we get older, we don’t heal as well. After the age of 60 or 65, we may need to take greater care for our wounds to fully heal.

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