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Does the type of shoe I wear matter?

It is very important that your shoes fit properly. Many foot problems can be attributed to ill-fitting shoes. First, in order to get a proper fit, keep in mind that no two feet are alike. One foot can be as much as one size larger than the other. Both feet should therefore always be measured and, if necessary, you should settle for the fit of the larger shoe. Measurements should be done toward the end of your day’s activities to allow for the natural swelling your foot undergoes during the day. Also keep in mind that the foot changes with age, even beyond adolescence, usually becoming longer and slightly wider. A thumb’s width should be present between the longest toe and end of the shoe and the overall fit should be immediately comfortable (no breaking in period). Room for all toes to move freely without irritation or restriction should be present. Width size is essential and should not be either too loose or too tight. Women should avoid heels greater than two inches in height and shoes should match the activity for which they are intended.

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