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MyMotherLode Social Networking has broken records this month covering several important news stories.

Using the social media websites Facebook and Twitter we kept our followers informed and asked for photos.

For those who follow @mymotherlode know we were asking for photos of the Yosemite Big Oak Flat rock slide. B.J. Hansen, the News Director for myMotherLode and KVML 1450AM, was first with detailed information directly from Yosemite National Park Spokesperson Scott Gediman. There was a lot of tweeting and retweeting of information and soon there were photos from the National Parks Service. Fortunately the road was not as structurally damaged as they feared and it will re-open Saturday the 28th at 8am. Read the story Big Oak Flat Road To Open

For those who follow us on Facebook, I posted a photo from the Summerville High School Library while of the students and I were waiting for Congressman Jeff Denham to arrive. Deborah chided us commenting, "Come on, show the good pictures from today." In the spirit of the fun time that was had I did post a photo but in general we won’t because once a photo is posted our rights as the owner of the image are limited. We respect Facebook as a popular platform but we also limit the information we share with fans because we don’t want to spam everyone’s wall with all of our news stories.

There were also many top news stories from last week:

All are filed away in the Local News Archive.

Tuolumne County Jail Project Ranks Low sparked many comments and some asking for information about what is next. More information has not been provided yet, but myMotherLode will cover the story as it unfolds.

Our thanks to commenters who provide information, and a caution to others, please keep the tone respectful. is not the place to make accusations or share testimony about individuals in the news. Public figures are the only exception as we believe in our right to free speech letting us give our opinions about public servants.