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Every 15 Minutes Program Comes To Sonora

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Sonora, CA — If you have heard sirens and viewed a helicopter overhead within the last couple of minutes, be aware this is a SIMULATED traffic accident and rescue effort at Sonora High School.

It´s all apart of the Every 15 Minutes Program sponsored by the Highway Patrol, the Office of Traffic and Safety, Friday Night Live and Sonora High School.

The purpose of the program is educating local high school students about making mature decisions when alcoholic beverages are involved along with the potential consequences when the use of alcohol is abused.

Law enforcement and emergency medical personnel will respond to a 911 call and simulate a real-life rescue. Injured students will be treated and the drunk driver will be given a field sobriety test, placed under arrest and transported to jail.

Throughout the day every 15 minutes, one student will be escorted out of a class by the “Grim Reaper.” Those students will be escorted to a mock cemetery where he/she will be placed by a tombstone.

Participating students will then be transported to an un-named retreat for an overnight chaperoned stay that will include team-building exercises.

The Every 15 Minutes Program is made possible by a federal grant. For more information visit

Written by Bill Johnson