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Forest Road Conditions Still Snowy And Wet

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Sonora, CA — Due to the heavy accumulation of winter snow and rain, a number of Forest roads at elevations above 3,500 feet have not yet opened for vehicle travel.

Forest officials say some Forest roads will remain temporarily closed until drier conditions render them passable without causing damage to resources.

Forest roads will open progressively at higher elevations as snow banks melt, and warmer weather dries out the roadbed.

Driving on soft, muddy, saturated un-surfaced Forest roads can easily cause deep wheel ruts resulting in road damage and potential soil erosion.

To provide for safety, protect vital access routes, and care for the land, visitors are asked to stay alert, exercise care, and adjust their travel on Forest roads to accommodate wetter than normal spring road conditions.

Road conditions are changing daily with warmer temperatures. Before heading out, Forest visitors are requested to contact their local Ranger Station to get updated information on current road conditions or click here for more information.

Written by Sabrina Sabbagh