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Congressman McClintock Weighs In On Impeachment Debate

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Sonora, CA — As the House of Representatives announced articles of impeachment against President Donald Trump, Mother Lode Republican representative Tom McClintock is voicing his opinion.

At the House Judiciary Committee Impeachment Hearing yesterday, McClintock argued against removing President Donald Trump from office, stating, “In every election, somebody wins and somebody loses. Democracy only works because the losing side always respects the will of the voters. The moment that social compact breaks down, democracy collapses into chaos.”

He adds, “Impeachment is one of the most serious powers with which Congress is entrusted.  It requires an overwhelming case of high crime supported by clear evidence that a vast majority of the nation deems compelling.”

McClintock argues that Democrats are using “hearsay evidence,” or “gossip,” in their efforts to impeach the president. He breaks down his argument in the blog section, where you can read his entire speech.