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California Governor Issues Thanksgiving Proclamation

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Sacramento, CA — Citing recent state challenges, the work of first responders, volunteerism, and the history of indigenous communities, Governor Gavin Newsom has issued a Thanksgiving proclamation.

It is transcribed below:

As people across the country come together to celebrate Thanksgiving, we count our many blessings and keep in our thoughts fellow Californians who have faced hardship this year.

With recent disasters fresh in our minds, we are reminded of our common humanity and the enduring generosity of our people, which always sees us through the challenging times. During these recent disasters, our heroic emergency responders and public servants of all levels of government in addition to volunteers, philanthropists and business leaders, pulled together to support communities across the state, inspiring a sense of hope and optimism even in a time of crisis.

In this spirit of community, many Californians will honor the holiday through service and volunteerism, demonstrating the generosity and compassion that unite the people of our state.

We also take time today to acknowledge and celebrate the indigenous communities who have thrived sustainably off this land since time immemorial – and continue to work for the health of the land, water, natural and cultural resources for the benefit of us all.

Encircled by family and friends this season, let us reflect on all we have to give thanks for and recommit ourselves to giving back, because California is at its best when we look out for one another.