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Tuolumne County Approves $559,000 Contract For Budgeting Program

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Sonora, CA — The Tuolumne County Supervisors will use a new software program designed to make the budgeting process smoother and more transparent.

The supervisors approved a five-year contract, totaling $559,813, with the company OpenGov Inc. for software services. Assistant County Administrator Eric Erhardt notes that the current budget process can be challenging and time-consuming, and the end result is a 500-page binder, which unless you are an accountant, is difficult to understand and comprehend.

OpenGov is based in Redwood City and has 2,200 agencies on its platform, including 230 in California. Internally, it will help county leaders better process data and information, and externally, it allows the public easier access to information on things like the number of building permits issued by the county to breakdowns of how departments spend funds.

During the first year, the program will cost around $152,000 and the funding will come from the county’s IT department funds.

During the board comment period, district three representative Anaiah Kirk stated that he was initially concerned about spending the extra money but indicates that it will make the budget process smoother and more transparent. He also noted it will shorten the learning curve when key county leaders come and go.

The contract was approved 5-0. The county plans to have the new system in place by February for midyear budgeting, and ahead of the fiscal year 2020-21 budget.