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Trucking Association Argues New CA Law Will Eliminate Jobs

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Sacramento, CA — The California Trucking Association argues that a new law will have a negative impact on over 70,000 independent truckers in the state.

The group has filed a lawsuit against a new law that is designed to give wage and benefit protections to workers of the so-called gig economy. Effective January 1st, it will be harder for companies to classify people as “independent contractors.” The association argues that the state legislation is contradictory to federal law and will force many truckers to leave the industry.

The group adds that many independent truckers have recently paid around $150,000 to upgrade to cleaner operating machines ahead of a 2020 clean air mandate, and now run the risk of being pushed out of business because of the new state law taking effect on January 1st.

Association CEO Shawn Yadon says, “Independent truckers are typically experienced drivers who have previously worked as employees and have, by choice, struck out on their own. We should not deprive them of that choice.”

Proponents of the bill call it a “social justice” issue, as companies would be required to pay a minimum wage and offer benefits.