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Transient Arrested For Arson And Vandalism

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Sonora, CA — A 27 year old transient was arrested late Saturday evening after setting a car on fire.

That vehicle belongs to a Sonora Police officer and it was parked in the department´s upper employee parking lot.

An hour later during the fire investigation, officers noticed Lawrence Adams in the immediate area. He fit the description given the police earlier. When contacted Adams tried to escape but was captured.

On his person Adams had two homemade incendiary devices, other evidence which connected him with the fire scene and a large amount of rust colored spray paint on his hands and clothing. A spray paint can matching the same color was located at Adam´s campsite.

Early Sunday morning, it was discovered that 10 vehicles belonging to the Probation Department had been spray painted an identical color causing approximately $5,000 damage.

It is believed Adams torched the police vehicle in retaliation for being evicted from a homeless campsite Friday. No reason has been given for the spray painting incident.

Adams was arrested and booked for arson, possessing and manufacturing of firebombs, possession of a destructive device in a public place, vandalism and resisting arrest.

Written by Bill Johnson