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Calaveras Board Upholds Legal Access Requirements

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San Andreas, CA — Tuesday the Calaveras County Board of Supervisors began the process of amending the zoning code to clarify requirements for legal access.

Back in November the county realized it was not requiring proof of legal access when issuing building permits. Since then, the Community Development Agency began requiring proof, which has caused an upset in the community, realtors included. Especially in the case of prescriptive easements where there is no clear documentation of allowed use.

Tuesday the board said it would continue to require proof of legal access and initiated the amendment of the zoning code to that affect. Zoning code amendments require an extensive public hearing process.

Also in this process county staff will further define what constitutes legal access and possibly find some exemptions.

Meanwhile, the agency will continue to issue building permits if legal access can be proved to the determination of Moreno or Planning Director Bob Sellman.

Written by Vanessa Turner.