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Second Beilenson Hearing Draws Emotional Comments

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Sonora, CA — For Tuolumne C.A.O. Craig Pedro, the issue of T.G.H. comes down to one simple factor; what can the county afford while still providing the best possible healthcare while, at the same time, not crippling other county services?

For those impassioned followers of T.G.H., dollars and cents do not appear to be a major priority nor do other county services that have suffered due to the drain on the general fund to the tune of $15.7 million over the past two years.

Emotions ran high Monday evening at the second Beilenson Hearing. T.G.H. employee Margaret Whitehall asked that the supervisors “remember we are people and not just numbers.” She added that 291 people plus 50 plus PHNS employees would lose their jobs if the hospital is forced to close its doors.

Larry Rotelli stated that he thought the final decision on T.G.H. should be left up to the voters and not the supervisors.

Cedar Ridge resident David Paul suggested that the county consider forming a hospital district which would lower the cost of healthcare in the county.

Members of the public who have not spoken on the T.G.H. issue will be allowed to do so next Tuesday at the regularly scheduled supervisorial meeting at 9am. Following those comments the supervisors will put their votes on the fate of T.G.H.

Written by Bill Johnson