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A Community College Education; It’s The Best Deal In Town

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Sonora, CA — With the recent reduction of class fees, Columbia College President Dr. Joan Smith feels a community college education is the best deal in town.

Per unit fees have dropped in California from $26 to $20. Smith adds that if you´re not really sure about a vocation come to Columbia College and give higher education a try.

Smith adds that community college graduates (Associate of Arts Degree) showed an 85 percent increase in salary within three years of their graduation. In addition graduates´ pay increased from $$25,800 to $47,571 within three years of leaving campus. Finally, 45% of all University of California and Cal State University graduates come from a community college background. This information comes from a 2001 survey.

This weekend Dr. Joan Smith will be featured on Mother Lode Views on the three Clarke Broadcasting stations. The following week the show will be posted on under the Live Audio Streams heading on the right side of the home page.

Written by Bill Johnson