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Resources Available For Identity Theft Victims

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Sonora, CA — Identity theft is something that law enforcement encourages everyone to take steps to prevent.

Sonora Police Department Special Investigator Hal Prock is proof that anyone can become a victim. Prock says,Back in 2001 when we went to refinance our home, during a credit check it came up that someone out of Maryland had acquired three cell phones using my name, date of birth and social security number. Exactly where it came from, they never were able to determine.” It took until this past week to receive the final notice that the claims would be removed from his credit report.

Prock says a good way to prevent identity theft is to only carry the single credit card that you are planning to use that day. Do not ever carry the pin number for an ATM card. You also want to avoid carrying your social security card.

If you believe you are an identity theft victim, a complete information guide on steps to take is available by stopping by the Sonora Police Department.

Written by BJ Hansen

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