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Self Styled Vigilante Dies At U.C. Davis Medical Center

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Davis, CA — The Ellie Nesler story reached closure over the weekend with her death at the U.C. Davis Medical Center.

According to the Sacramento Bee the 56 year old Nesler died Friday having lost her battle with breast cancer.

The story originated in Tuolumne County but it was splashed across national headlines in 1993 when she killed Daniel Driver by shooting him five times in the head during a break in a preliminary hearing in Jamestown.

Driver was on trial for the alleged molestation of Nesler´s son Willy when he was but six years old. She was convicted of voluntary manslaughter but only served three years of a 10 year sentence.

In 2002 she was sentenced to six years in prison for possession of methamphetamine.

Still another twist in the story; her son Willy was convicted of murdering David Davis in July of 2005. According to the Modesto Bee Nesler stomped Davis to death less than an hour after he was released from a 30 day jail sentence for assaulting Davis earlier that year. He was sentenced to 25 years to life in prison on a first degree murder charge. Davis had been hired to clean the Nesler´s property on Shaw´s Flat Rd.

Written by Bill Johnson