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Apedaile-Solizcasado Arrested For Assaults With Deadly Weapons

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Sonora, CA — In two separate incidents a pair of individuals were arrested Monday by the Tuolumne County Sheriff´s Office for assault with a deadly weapon.

At approximately 1:40am Deputy Joe Morton noticed a male walking on Parrott´s Ferry Rd. near Washington Street in Columbia. The man had blood on his forehead.

Further investigation revealed that about an hour earlier he´s been in an argument with a friend identified as Timothy Apedaile. The argument was over a cat that had been killed by a stray dog. Apedaile apparently blamed the unidentified friend for the cat´s demise and attacked him with a shower curtain. He then picked up a rock and threatened to kill him.

Morton responded to the location of the attack and arrested Apedaile without incident.

The second incident occured at a LaGrange residence at 5pm. There was a report that two people were arguing and one was bleeding. When deputies arrived they discovered a 23 year old unidentified male had been slashed in the arm with a knife. According to the Deputy Will Healy´s report Victoria Solizcasado slashed the man during an argument.

It was later learned that Solizcasado had two outstanding Mariposa County warrants for her arrest. One was for three counts of violating probation and the other for threats. The Mariposa County bail is $150,000 while the bail for assault with a deadly weapon is $35,000.

Written by Bill Johnson