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Threatening English Paper Leads To Arrest Of Sonora High Student

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Sonora, Ca — A 14-year-old Sonora High student has been arrested for comments he made in an English paper.

“In it he said that we should have the right to kill anyone we wanted, including Arnold Schwarzenegger, Jim Mele, and Hillary Clinton,” says Police Chief Mace McIntosh. “Because of the threats involved, we of course initiated an investigation.”

The incident occurred late last week. When the student was confronted on school property, McIntosh says he was cited for possession of a knife on school grounds. The juvenile was arrested and has been turned over to the Tuolumne County Probation Department. He could ultimately be charged with making terrorist threats.

The investigation found that the juvenile in question had access to three rifles at his residence, and those guns have now been confiscated.

McIntosh says the CHP, who is in charge of security for the Governor, has been contacted and is now in charge of the investigation. The Sheriff´s Department was immediately notified as well, given the comments about Sheriff Jim Mele.

The Secret Service was also contacted, and McIntosh notes that the agency has requested a copy of the police report.

Written by BJ Hansen