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Paintball Vandals Arrested For Repeatedly Shooting At Elderly Resident’s Home

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Sonora, Ca — In a span of only five days, the home of a 79-year-old Sonora resident in the 400 Block of S. Barretta St. had been shot with paintballs on four separate occasions.

According to Lt. Mark Stinson with the Sonora Police Department, officers were dispatched to the residence at 2:09pm Wednesday, but were unable to immediately locate the responsible vehicle.

Shortly after, however, the vehicle drove by and was identified by the victim.

The Police Department stopped the vehicle, and spoke with the occupants. At first they denied any involvement with the vandalism, but upon further questioning, admitted that they were responsible.

Arrested in connection were 18-year-old Shane Connant of Sonora and 18-year-old Rudy Renteria of Tuolumne. Connant told officers that he had been involved in a vehicle accident with the 79-year-old victim a few months back. Connant felt the victim had lied about how the accident occurred, and holds resentment toward the victim.

The two 18-year-old Tuolumne County residents face charges of criminal conspiracy and vandalism.

Written by BJ Hansen